‘Room to Breathe’ – Free Immersive Mindful Experience

Outernet London – a new entertainment district in central London – teamed up with Pixel Artworks and launched a free immersive experience: ‘Room to Breathe’.


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‘Room to Breathe’ Mindful Experience


‘Room to Breathe’ by Outernet London and Pixel Artworks

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Outernet and Pixel Artworks have launched ‘Room to Breathe’, an immersive mindful experience next to the entertainment district, just outside Tottenham Court Road Station (Exit 4 to Charing Cross).

‘Room to Breathe’ is a multisensory experience based on the science of the so called ‘box-breathing’ to help busy Londoners, tourists and families calm down and relax throughout the day.

‘Box-breathing’ is a special breathing method requiring four seconds of inhalation, four seconds of holding the breath and four seconds of exhalation.

Relaxing music accompanied with calming visuals of rolling clouds, the Sun, and a guide to help visitors learn the breathing technique to shoot anxiety and daily stress.


The experience is showing daily at 11am-12pm, 2pm-3pm and 7pm-8pm and completely free. No booking required. The sensory experience is open and suitable to all ages.


What Else to See


Outernet London - Entertainment District

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Apart from learning the relaxing breathing technique, visitors can immerse into other beautiful sceneries. They can submerge deep into the ocean and admire the underwater life of fish, sea turtles and corals.


Immersive Experience - Outernet London and Pixel Artworks

Photo: Urban Adventurer


They can fly above white sand beaches and palm trees, or step outside the outer space and take part in a virtual cosmic journey among the stars and galaxies.

There are also virtual photo exhibitions, thought-provoking interviews, and stories to see, read and experience within the LED screens.


Outernet and Pixel Artworks Immersive Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The experience will move to a larger area within the entertainment district in the future for visitors to make the experience even more immersive.




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