Back In Time Exhibition London: A Tribute to Back to the Future Trilogy – Visit It Yesterday!

“Marty! You gotta come back with me! Back to the future!”


Make sure you booked your ticket for yesterday because Back in Time Exhibition will bring you for an unforgettable journey to…well, not to the future, but behind the scenes of the famous 80s blockbuster trilogy, Back to the Future.


Go for a mini video tour here.


“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”


Back In Time Exhibition - The DeLorean

The DeLorean

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Put on your self-lacing shoes, don your auto-adjusting jacket, and fasten your seatbelt.


Back In Time Exhibition London - Marty's Auto-Adjusting Jacket

Marty’s auto-adjusting jacket

Photo: urban Adventurer


With over 70 original items, Back in Time Exhibition is the largest collection of Back to the Future memorabilia in Europe, and the collection is being showcased for the first time in London starting on the 26th November 2022.



Back In Time Exhibition London - Marty's Self-Lacing Nike Shoe

Marty’s self-lacing Nike shoe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Original costumes, concept drawings, set pieces, Mary McFly’s futuristic auto-adjusting jacket and self-lacing Nike shoes are all on display at Camden Market Hawley Wharf.


Back In Time Exhibition

The Sports Almanac

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There photo ops and interactive displays, including a certified replica of the DeLorean (yes, you can sit in!), you can fly on Marty’s hoverboard or give a guitar solo at the school dance, your audience maybe not ready for yet, but surely, their kids gonna love in the future.


Back In Time Exhibition London - Hover Board

Hover Board

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Learn behind-the-scenes secrets the cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis (and more) reveals in interviews.


Michael J. Fox Foundation


Back In Time Exhibition London

Marty’s Western shirt

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The exhibition is in partnership with Parkinson’s Research, so during your visit you have a chance to make donations for the Michael J. Fox Foundation on the site.




Ready for your next adventure? Why not try London’s prettiest and yummiest hot chocolates after the exhibition?