Celebrating Natural Light – ‘Summer Lights’ Exhibition at Canary Wharf

A free colourful exhibition opened in Canary Wharf this Midsummer. Celebrating natural light, Summer Lights exhibition features artworks that are best enjoyed during daytime on sunny days.


The Installations

Summer Lights Exhibition - Canary Wharf

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There are 11 unique installations to be discovered all over Canary Wharf, each designed by different art studios and artists.

Most of the installations are interactive, which means you can go inside or sit under them to make perfect photos for your Instagram.

This downloadable map shows the exact locations of each installation, and not just that. It also shows other artworks, such as Cross Place Roof Garden or Bank Street Park where you can play basketball, ping pong and other outdoor games for free with photogenic surroundings.

Here is a selection of the most colourful and most beautiful artworks.

Go for a mini virtual tour here.


Hymn to the Big Wheel

Hymn to the Big Wheel - Summer Lights Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Hymn to the Big Wheel is a multi-coloured octagon with another octagon inside. Visitors can go inside and enjoy the bright colours creating different blends, shades, and mixes as viewed from different angles.


Cycle of Light

Cycle of Light - Summer Lights Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Located in Cabot Square, Cycle of Light is a rainbow-coloured installation running round the fountain in the middle of the square. The installation expresses the many colours that make up sunlight.

From dawn till dusk the colours reflect inside or outside of the arc the installation forms.


Out of Cocoon

Out of Cocoon - Summer Lights ExhibitionPhoto: Urban Adventurer


Hidden in Wood Wharf, Out of Cocoon is an interactive seating installation. While walking around this giant butterfly we can see colours changing before our eyes. As the rays of the Sun go through the wings of the structure, the pavement reflects the colours and the shape of the butterfly.



Whirl - Summer Lights Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer

 Sit under this giant flower and enjoy as colours dance around you powered by the wind. Whirl showcases the beauty of ever-changing colours.


Round and Round

Round and Round - Summer Lights Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


These colourful circles bring Jubilee Park and its fountains into life. As the circles turn in the Sun and being moved by the wind, the colours illuminate everything around them creating a dynamic ever-changing environment wrapped in vivid colours.


Shine of Colours

Shine of Colours - Summer Lights Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The 6 transparent coloured glass panels have been installed by the riverside and allow visitors to see the world and themselves through different colours.



Kilpi - Summer Lights Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Inspired by traditional Nordic Sami huts, Kilpi invites visitors to take photos under the light-dotted installation. The perforations project the celestial map representing the constellations can be seen at night in the sky above Canary Wharf onto the pavement.


The exhibition is open every day from sunrise to sunset till 21st August. The installations are the most impressive under bright sunlight.


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