Harry Potter Christmas Shopping at House of Spells – Gift Guide

Do you have a lifelong Harry Potter super fan in your family or friend group? Come with me to London’s most magical Harry Potter fandom shop…and oh, as if by magic, I have a little discount for you! Use discount code ‘URBAN’ to get 10% off from the entire Harry Potter range in House of Spells!

Happy Christmas 🎄⚡️


Hogwarts Houses


Harry Potter Gift Guide - Hogwarts Houses

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Whether you’re Potterhead family member or friend is a supporter of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, House of Spells have something for them.


At House of Spells there is a whole section dedicated to each house. Each section is filled with all the essentials a witch or wizard needs to start their new semester at Hogwarts.


From robes to ties, from scarves to bags and pens, you’ll surely find something to bring smile on your favourite wizard’s face.




Harry Potter Gift Guide - Magic Wands

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“The wand choses the wizard, Mr Potter. It’s not always clear why. But I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you.”


Whether you’re looking for the most popular wands for your Potterhead friend or a rare one, House of Spells – just like Ollivanders Wand Shop – have all types of wands. And not just from the Harry Potter movies, but from the Fantastic Beast movies as well.


Find all the wands, wand holders, illuminating wand pens and more here.




House of Spells Harry Potter Gift Guide

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Harry’s owl, Hedwig is the most beautiful white snow owl, so there’s no wonder that she has her own fan group. She is not only beautiful and intelligent, but always knows how to help Harry out in difficult situations.


Hedwig’s section is packed with cuddly plushies, adorable hats, rare collectables, slippers, bags and more. Perfect for stocking filler or under the tree.


Find all the adorable Hedwig-themed products here.


All Aboard!


Harry Potter Gift Guide House of Spells London

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You’ve managed to find platform 9 ¾ ? Good! Now, hurry up and board on the Hogwarts Express because it’s about to leave. But wait…do you have everything you need for the journey?


Hogwarts Express chocolate train ticket bar, platform 9 ¾ water bottle, purse and make up bag could be the perfect stocking fillers for a true Potterhead.


Find all Hogwarts Express related items here.




Harry Potter Special Edition Series at House of Spells

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A Harry Potter fandom shop is not complete without books. Surprise the sorcerer of your life with their favourite house coloured book set in paperback or hardcover, limited-edition books, sticker book, character vault and more.


Find the list of the books here.




Harry Potter Stocking Fillers

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“These aren’t real frogs, are they?”


Chocolate frogs in Harry Potter can only jump once but be careful when opening it. Don’t let it escape like Harry did in the movie.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Ticket Milk Chocolate Bar at House of Spells

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House of Spells have all the sweets you see in the movies and more, from chocolate frogs to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. They have an amazing selection of Wizards chocolate, including Chia seeds, Coffee Toffee, Matcha, and CBD.


3D Cards


Harry Potter 3D Christmas Card at House of Spells

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If you haven’t sent your Christmas cards to your Potter enthusiast friends and family, run to House of Spells and grab one of their magical 3D postcards.


3D Harry Potter Christmas Card at House of Spells

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Many different designs available from the Hogwarts castle to the Phoenix to Hogwarts Express and more.


Other Gifts


Harry Potter Christmas Shopping at House of Spells

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The magic doesn’t stop there! There are tons of accessories, plushies, keychains, charms, goblets, snow globes, figurines and more!


Harry Potter Stocking Fillers at House of Spells

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Make sure you visit House of Spells either online or their physical shop before Christmas and make sure you use code ‘URBAN’ to get your 10% off!


Bring Smile to a Child’s Face


House of Spells Charity

Image Source: House of Spells Instagram



House of Spells are collaborating with multiple UK charities this December to bring Christmas joy to children and youngsters in need. As part of their campaign, they will place 100 Christmas presents under their Christmas tree in their London shop at their expense.


They are also inviting customers to support the campaign by placing charity gifts under the tree. You can purchase any item in-store or online.


 If you purchase a gift online, simply choose “Click and Collect” at checkout as a delivery option and use discount code CHARITY to let House of Spells know it is a charity gift, so they can place it under the tree.


The list of charities House of Spells are supporting:


– Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

– Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

– Cambs Youth Panel

– Barnardo’s

– London Youth Theatre

– Macmillan Cancer Support

– Welcombe Hills School

– Poppy Appeal

– FXP Festival

– Middleton Village Hall




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