Anime-Themed Restaurant, Uzumaki London RE-OPENED

London’s first anime-themed restaurant, Uzumaki London became a huge success and a social media sensation soon after their first opening at Holborn Viaduct. Anime fans and cosplayers flocked to the tiny restaurant to taste the famous Naruto Ramen and immerse themselves into the magical world of anime and manga.

Uzumaki London was the very first permanent place for cosplayers to meet and socialise in London.

Now they have opened a bigger and better anime restaurant for otaku fans, and we attended to the grand opening party.

(BOOKINGS from 22nd July. More info below)


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“Believe it!” – Naruto


Uzumaki London Re-opening

Photo: Urban Adventurer


“When we built up Uzumaki for the first time we did it out of a whim because we knew how much it would mean to the three of us living and loving anime to have a space that celebrates ‘the Naruto way of life’. Honestly, we did it because we truly believed Uzumaki should exist and seeing how it just exploded with so much love and happy faces is beyond our wildest dreams.” – Gwendolyn, co-founder of Uzumaki London. 

After having to close its doors in December in 2021, the Uzumaki team – just like Naruto – did not give up on their dreams. They instantly started to search for another, bigger and better, venue for their unique restaurant.



A place where someone still thinks about you is a place you can call home.” – Jiraiya



They finally found a 2-story building on 107 Great Russel Street and the renovation started immediately. Team Uzumaki’s dream was to create a safe place for anime/manga fans and cosplayers to unite, share their experiences, enjoy anime-inspired food and drink, and socialise.


The renovation started in April and the team made sure they get their followers informed of the major milestones of the progression on Uzumaki’s social media.



“I have a concept in my mind.” – Andu, co-founder of Uzumaki London


Anime-Themed Restaurant, Uzumaki London RE-OPENED

Photo: Urban Adventurer



You might have not known this, but one of the co-founders of Uzumaki London is a certified artist.

That’s right! Those anime murals on the restaurant’s wall and in the restrooms have all been hand-painted by the talented co-founder, Andu. “The different characters are drawn in the most different styles in anime and manga series. The most challenging part was to combine all the different characters, blend them with my own style and create a unified visual.” – says Andu, who worked on the monumental painting for months.

The result is simply, jaw-dropping but Andu has not stopped here. He wants to add more artworks to the restaurant – and I’m not just talking about more murals -, so keep your eyes peeled because he will come up with something really Insta-worthy in the near future.


Uzumaki London Anime-Themed Restaurant and Shop

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Well, now he has all the space he needs to unleash his creativity: in contrast to the old Uzumaki at High Holborn which was capable to accommodate around 20 people, the new restaurant can welcome over 100 guests. And we have not even talked about the private room downstairs that will be set open for booking later this year.


“I love cooking and making experiments with ingredients.” – Dragos, co-founder of Uzumaki London



While Andu is a gifted artist, his brother, Dragos is a virtuoso in the kitchen. Dragos was responsible to set up the new Uzumaki menu, and he really made an excellent job!

The grand opening parties were taken place on 16th and 17th July 2022 and every ticket included a full course menu and non-alcoholic drink. So, everyone had a chance to dive in and taste through literally everything from the anime-inspired menu.



Cosplayers at Uzumaki London's Grand Opening Party

Cosplayers gathered from not just London, but all over the UK to see the new restaurant and try the new menu.

Photo: Urban Adventurer



We had the signature Naruto Ramen Bowl. It was rich and delicious with plenty of toppings – just like Naruto likes it. The presentation was absolutely gorgeous. It looked like Ichiraku Ramen from the anime.

And the best part was, Halal and vegan options were also available.



Naruto Ramen at Uzumaki London

Naruto Ramen – Exactly how Naruto likes it

Photo (on the right): Urban Adventurer


Side dishes are completely new to Uzumaki’s menu. We had crispy veggie gyoza, salted edamame, Uzumaki Karaage, Spinach Gomae, and a selection of sushi.



Uzumaki London Menu


Photo: Urban Adventurer


The dessert was the famous three-coloured dango we can see in Naruto series so often. It was called ‘Itachi Dango’ and served on a skewer similarly to the anime. It was soft and chewy and really delicious.

Dragos even shared a little secret with us on the ‘Itachi Dango’. “We needed to change the recipe a little bit to make it fit to European people’s taste.” – he said.


Itachi Dango at Uzumaki London

Itachi Dango

Photo: Urban Adventurer


As for the drinks, we had Uzumaki’s signature ‘9 Tailed Beasts’ bubble milk tea and our ultimate favourite was ‘Mango Kurama’.


Uzumaki London Bubble Tea

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Thank you Dragos! We missed your bubble teas so much.

You might not know but the new Uzumaki restaurant serves alcohol, including a selection of Japanese sake! Kampai!

If the anime-inspired menu and the amazing ambiance was not enough, all guests received a limited-edition gift bag.

In the bag there was a ticket for the opening party that looked like a ninja scroll, a branded Uzumaki chopstick set, and a collectable figurine.


Uzumaki London Gift Bag and Ticket

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Anime music was provided all night long and everyone had a chance to meet the founders behind all this magic.


“It brings me goosebumps and still do every day seeing everyone getting excited when they come in or the smile on the faces, making friends with the tables next to them, talking about anime, their favourite heroes, villains, fight scene or sad moments. These moments represent exactly what Uzumaki is.  So, thank you to all the fans, and the community.  Uzumaki exist for you and because of you.” – Gwendolyn, co-founder of Uzumaki London.


Table bookings from 22nd July 2022 on Uzumaki London’s official website.



Uzumaki London Opening Times

From 22nd July 2022

Mon-Sun 11am-11pm


Thank you, Gwendolyn, Andu, and Dragos for bringing the world of anime and anime food to life!





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