Indiana Jones Statue Joined the ‘Scenes in the Square’ in Leicester Square

New bronze statue has joined the iconic A-listers in Leicester Square. A life-size Indiana Jones statue was revealed during the UK premiere of the fifth (and most likely the final) Indiana Jones movie, ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’.

Did you know that there is another hidden gem in Leicester Square related to Harrison Ford?



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♬ Indiana Jones (Main Theme) – The Movie Soundtrack Experts


Crack the Whip


Indiana Jones Statue in Leicester Square

Photo: Urban Adventurer



The Indiana Jones statue is made by Fred Tucker, and it took over three months to finish. The sculptor, who met Harrison Ford during the movie premiere, used reference imaginary provided by the filmmakers to recreate Indy’s iconic pose we all know from the first movie, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.


♬ Indiana Jones (Main Theme) – The Movie Soundtrack Experts

‘Indiana and the Dial of Destiny’ UK Premiere


The statue has been placed on the North terrace of Leicester Square and can be seen during this Summer along with other iconic characters as part of the ‘Scenes in the Square’ trail of statues.


‘Scenes in the Square’


Bugs Bunny Statue in Leicester Square

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Scenes in the Square’ was launched in 2020 in Leicester Square with the aim to celebrate the most-loved iconic characters in the movie history. It showcases a trail of interactive bronze statues all over the square from Batman to Mary Poppins to Bugs Bunny.

By scanning the QR code next to the statues, visitors will be guided through a walking tour narrated by Alex Zane to learn more about each character.


Time Capsule Laid by Harrison Ford


Time Capsule in Leicester Square Laid by Harrison Ford

Photo: Urban Adventurer


So, the new Indiana Jones statue is not the only one Harrison Ford related thing in Leicester Square.

Back in 1993, Harrison Ford laid a time capsule right next Vue Cinema to commemorate the completion of the building. The time capsule was laid on the 3rd September in 1993 and it’s not to be reopened until 2093.

The content of the capsule is a secret.  What do you think, what’s inside?




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