Merry D!ckmas – London’s Naughtiest Christmas Desserts

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, London’s naughtiest waffle shop, Zizi Factory’s new cheeky Christmas collection will guarantee make you want to be on the naughty list.


Naughty Christmas Waffle Collection


Zizi Factory Naughty Christmas Collection

Image Source: @zizifactorylondon



The last year was long and frustrating even for Santa, so this Christmas it’s OK to be…khmm…not so nice.

Zizi Factory’s fanny Christmas collection is something to get ad-dick-ted to. It includes three different saucy flavours to sink you’re your teeth into (please, be gentle).


  1. A naughty candy cane Willy/Fanny
  2. A cheeky chocolate snowflake Willy/Fanny
  3. A sexy Christmas miracle Willy/Fanny


The Willy waffles are soft and chewy while the fanny waffles are thinner and crispier. Both types cost £7 and you can ask for a ‘happy ending’ for extra pleasure.


Even Santa’s Been Naughty This Year


Naughty Santa Waffle - Zizi Factory

Photo: Urban Adventurer


I tried Sexy Christmas Miracle waffle which is basically a naughty penis shaped Santa. They didn’t have pink icing and sprinkles when I visited them, so they made it in pink. I didn’t mind it because it even went better with the “I licked it so it’s mine” neon sign.


Hot Drinks


Zizi Factory London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 They’ve recently introduced their hot drinks menu. Apart from the classics, they offer oat milk cappuccino, oat latte macchiato, vanilla latte macchiato and other coffee specialities to warm you inside (if you still need to).


Bad behaviour actively encouraged!



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