‘Hex and the City’ – London Witches Walking Tour

If you’re doing just one event during the spooky season this year, that should be ‘Hex and the City’ by Herstorical Tours. An immersive theatrical walking tour leading you through London’s dark history of witchcraft.



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Hex and the City Tour in London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The evenings are cooler and the shadows and longer as we’re going deeper and deeper into Autumn.

Say hello to the spooky season, filled with pumpkin spice in the air and – of course – spooky events and walking tours around the city.

If you’re doing just one event this October, it should be ‘Hex and the City’ – London Witches’ walking tour by Herstorical Tours.


Hex and the City – London Witches


Hex and the City - London Witches Walking Tour by Herstorical Tours

Photo: Urban Adventurer



One thing is for sure: Herstorical Tours are not ordinary walking tours!


They offer guided walking tours about women in history created by women for women. Untold and forgotten stories about women who were silenced, invalidated, or labelled as mad or accused of being practicing witchcraft by the male-dominated society.


Follow your guide, The High Priestess for the night and descend into the darkest pits in history to meet some of the forgotten women who were persecuted as witches by making the mistake of being unpopular, considered to be ugly, or different in any way.


Did you know that in the 15th century, a book, called ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ helped witch-hunters to identify witches? Does it have anything to do with how we see witches today?

When was the last witch convicted in Britain?

How were women tested whether they were a witch or not in the Middle Ages?

All these questions will be answered during the tour, and more!


Hex and the City Walking Tour by Herstorical Tours

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Starting at Farringdon and ending at St Paul’s Cathedral, ‘Hex and the City – London Witches’ guides you through hidden places and locations that were associated with witches and occult activity.


At each stop, you’ll be immersed into the mysterious world of witchcraft and meet mediums, pagan priestesses and medieval healers who met their faith at the stake as ‘agents of Satan’.


Maria your tour guide aka The High Priestess, does an excellent job on bringing each character to life with her (and her helpers’) fascinating acting mixed with a little bit of dark humour where appropriate.


If you’re ready to be bewitched, book your ticket on Herstorical Tour’s website.



NOTE: Taking videos are not allowed during the tour, however, you’re most welcome to take as many photos as you like.



Q: You say it’s a walking tour about women for women. Can I join as a man at all?

A: Gentlemen are most welcome to join the tour. Feel free to book your ticket, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.





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