Uzumaki London to Open a “Bigger and Better” Anime-Themed Restaurant This Summer

Uzumaki is London’s first anime and manga themed restaurant and it opened its gates in High Holborn in late 2020 to become an instant success and a social media sensation.

In fact, the restaurant had been so successful that it outgrew its premises very soon.

As a result, they closed their doors last December to come up with a much bigger and better restaurant this Summer.


Watch video of the new venue here.


The Venue

107 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NA

Uzumaki London - Anime and Manga-Themed Restaurant

The new venue is able to accommodate more than 100 people.

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 The 2-story restaurant is just a 2-minute walk from Tottenham Court Road station and will be able to serve more than a hundred people.

On entering the venue, you’ll find yourself in an atmospheric intimate bar with bamboo chandeliers, hand-painted anime murals, and bar stools. This small area is for quick visitors popping in for a bubble tea and some snacks.


Hand-Painted Mural at Uzumaki London

Work in progress. Hand-painted mural at Uzumaki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer 


The main restaurant opens from that bar and will be able to accommodate around 100 people. The large airy dining area sits under an impressive pyramid-shaped glass ceiling. The walls are decorated with spectacular original hand-painted murals all around.

Downstairs there is a small cosy room perfect for intimate parties and events. This room will become available for booking later this year.


Manga-Themed Toilet at Uzumaki London

Restrooms at Uzumaki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Even the toilets are anime and manga themed. Blooming cherry blossoms and black and white manga pages decorate the walls and even the ceiling. (I’m sure that even boys will feel the urge to snap a selfie in the loo. Wink!)

Is Uzumaki for Naruto Fans Only?


Uzumaki’s mission is to create a permanent space for anime and manga fans where they can meet, cosplay, and socialise all year long.

Everyone is welcome regardless of their favourite anime or manga.

 Whether you’re a demon slayer, a pirate wanting to be the Pirate King, a student from a hero academia, a Shinigami, a Pokémon trainer or even a titan, you can always feel at home at Uzumaki.


The Menu

Naruto Ramen at Uzumaki London

Uzumaki’s signature Ramen bowls will be back and halal and vegan options will be available.

Photo: Urban Adventurer



There are a series of changes in Uzumaki’s new menu.

Apart from their signature Naruto Ramen Bowls, sushi trays and tailed-beasts bubble milk tea series, you’ll find a wider selection of Ramen, including halal Naruto Ramen, light side dishes, and plenty of toppings to choose from. Vegan options will also be available.

Is there any anime dessert you always wanted to try? Well, you might find it on the menu because from now Uzumaki will serve Japanese desserts straight from a range of well-known anime series.

Another new addition to the menu is alcoholic drinks.

From now, you can say ‘kampai’ with a cup of sake after a good ramen bowl. Uzumaki is going to serve different types of sake and Japanese beer.


The Shop

Uzumaki London T-shirts

Photos courtesy of Uzumaki London



Fancy bringing home some souvenir? Uzumaki will have a cute little gift shop within the restaurant where they’ll sell collectable figures, anime-themed and branded merch, gift boxes, accessories and more.


Opening Party

Uzumaki London Grand Opening

Photo: Urban Adventurer


So, when does Uzumaki open?

Uzumaki announced their grand opening at MCM Comic Con the end of this May.


The opening parties will be held on 16th and 17th July 2022. You can get your tickets directly from their website. Hurry up! Tickets selling fast!

The restaurant will be open for walk-ins from 18th July 2022.



Uzumaki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Can I go to the opening party with kids?

Absolutely! Simply select kids’ tickets (12 years or under OR over 12 years) from the options.


 What is included in the ticket?

 Anime food & non-alcoholic drinks to all guests

2 hours access in the new restaurant & anime store

Live Anime Music

Limited Edition Uzumaki Gift Bag


Is cosplay welcome?

Absolutely! Cosplay is highly encouraged for a more immersive experience, and not just for the opening party! All visitors are highly encouraged to pop up in costumes whenever visiting Uzumaki.


Will I meet the founders of Uzumaki at the party?

Yes! The founders will be with you during the party. So, you’ll have a chance to ask your questions and have a friendly chat with them.





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