A New Mr Fogg’s Bar Opened in Soho – Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers

Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous novels, Mr Fogg’s bars opened a new addition to the Fogg’s empire in the heart of Soho: Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers.


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Behind the Counters


Mr Fogg's Pawnbrokers

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Taking advantage of the family name, Mr Fogg’s wayward half-brother, Frank Fogg opened a Victorian pawn shop on 50 Dean Street in Soho.

Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers is exhibiting an extraordinary collection of unique artefacts, jewels, antiques, vintage carpets and more.

The venue opened on 22nd of February 2023 and divided into three different themed rooms: The Pawnbrokers Counter, The Strong Room, and The Textiles Room.

Currently there are seven individual Mr Fogg’s bars are operating all over in London, each has a different theme inspired by books of Jules Verne.

A long and thorough research process is taken place every time before the opening of a new bar. It usually takes six-nine months!

In order to make it look as authentic as possible, Inception Group (they own Mr Fogg’s, Cahoots, Bunga Bunga and many more) did a lot of research on how a Victorian pawn shop looked like, starting from the shopfront to the counters to the furniture.


The Pawnbroker’s Counter


The Strong Room at Mr Fogg's Pawnbrokers

Photo: Urban Adventurer


On entry, guests find themselves at The Pawnbroker’s Counter. Here customers can sip their cocktails on glass-fronted display cabinets showcasing the most different keepsakes.


The Pawnbroker’s Counter - Mr Fogg's Pawnbrokers

Photo: Urban Adventurer


There are 60 different hanging lights in the main space and lots of miscellaneous objects. Each item labelled individually and appear to be ‘for sale’ to make the experience more immersive.


Behind the Counter


The Strong Room at Mr Fogg's Pawnbrokers

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 The second space within the venue is The Strong Room which is inspired by the hidden vaulted space where higher-value goods were stored. This room is decorated with glass cabinets full of 19th-century jewels, silver and gold plates, sought-after antique and vintage items collected from around the globe.


The Textiles Room


The Textiles Room at Mr Fogg's Pawnbrokers

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Textiles Room, which includes a bar, is decorated with the most beautiful vintage rugs, carpets, and tapestries from floor to ceiling. All collected by Mr Fogg during his travels across the globe.


The Menu at Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers 


Cocktails at Mr Fogg's Pawnbrokers

‘Priceless Heirloom’ cocktail (right) and ‘Jewel in the Crown’ mocktail (left)

Photo: Urban Adventurer



The menu is minuscule-printed and comes with a magnifying glass pawnbrokers used to value incoming goods (normal size menu is also available).

The cocktails are all served in the most extraordinary way to pay tribute to the Victorian pawnbrokers. For example, ‘The Scale of Justice’ is presented on an antique scale, while ‘Priceless Heirloom’ is served in a mini version of Ming-style vase. Other cocktails are served in a jewellery box, punch bowl or in a Faberge egg, just to mention a few.


Mr Fogg’s Treasure Hunt – 25th February 2023


To celebrate the opening of Mr Fogg’s Pawnbrokers, they invite you for a fun treasure hunt for a chance win a £1,000 bar tab!

Everyone who participate in the competition will receive a complimentary cocktail.

Mr Fogg’s Treasure Hunt will be taken place on 25th February around Soho, starting at Mr Fogg’s Tavern from 12:01pm! NO entry fee to participate! More info.





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