Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own Exhibition

Step into the home of the legendary frontman of Queen. Thousands of Freddie Mercury’s personal collection are going under the hammer this September, but before the auction fans of the late legend have the chance to get a glimpse of the over 1,400 items in an exhibition for completely free!


Hand-Written Lyrics, Stage Costumes, Personal Items and His Precious Piano


Freddie Mercury's Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Auction house, Sotheby’s have used each of their 15 galleries to showcase over a thousand items from Freddie Mercury’s personal collection, the iconic musician collected for over 50 years.


The collection is carefully categorised. Each room has a different theme laid out thematically.


Being a fan of Japanese art, Freddie had a vast collection of furniture, kimonos, paintings, graphics, ceramics and even a piano with amazing Japanese illustrations on it. Only his closest friends were allowed to see this precious collection. And now, over 30 years of the legend’s death, fans get the privilege, too.


The ground floor is revolving around Mercury’s personal life. Visitors can wander through his dining room, the lounge, the kitchen, and admire ‘crazy little things’, such as his adorable collection of cat statues, and his favourite games he played at home and when on tours, including a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.


Kimono - Freddie Mercury Exhibition

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There are also fan arts and official merchandise related to the Queen’s tours.

Don’t miss Freddie’s signature on a magazine, he gave to one of his fans, named Rita.


Freddie Mercury's Signature

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There is an entire room dedicated to the Queen’s golden and platinum albums and Mercury’s iconic crown and red velvet cape he wore on the Magic tour in 1986.


Queen's Album Wall - Freddie Mercury Exhibition

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On the first floor the exhibition showcases Freddie’s on-stage life by displaying his costumes, hand-written lyrics and sketches, his walk-in dressing room, awards he won and his beloved Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano. This is the one he composed numerous Queen hits on, including Bohemian Rhapsody.


Freddie Mercury's Cape and Crown

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Among his on-stage costumes, you can find the iconic black silk velvet jacket worn in the Bohemian Rhapsody promotional video in 1975 as well as a stage-worn red satin silk kimono decorated with fans in the 1976 tour in Tokyo.

You don’t want to miss the famous green door to Mercury’s Garden lodge covered with layers of messages by fans after his death.


On-Stage Uniforms - Freddie Mercury's Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 There are never-seen-before original hand-written lyrics of the Queen’s greatest songs on display, including Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions and Don’t Stop Me Now.


There are a lot of other items to marvel at, such as MTV Video Music Award, Brits Award, a huge Wurlitzer jukebox and a bar counter with stools…all going under the hammer in September 2023.


Freddie Mercury loved auctions and he was Sotheby’s regular customer, so “this would be the route he would wanted. He would have found all this a blast.” – said Freddie’s one-time fiancé and long-time friend, Mary Austin about the auction.


Practical Info


Freddie Mercury Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own Exhibition is open every day from 4th Aug – 5th Sept 2023



Sotheby’s London | 34-35 New Bond St, London W1S 2RP



The exhibition is completely FREE for all | NO booking required




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