SaiakuNana – The “Terrible” Artist

SaiakuNana is a Japanese contemporary artist who opened her first solo exhibition in London last October. The extravagant gallery is located in the heart of Shoreditch and free to visit.


SaiakuNana – Why is She “Terrible”

SaiakuNana Art

Photo: Urban Adventurer


When she started working as an artist, she used her real name, Nana. However, not everyone was amazed by Nana’s extravagant style and one of her colleagues described her artworks as “saiaku” which means “terrible” in Japanese language.

Nana, instead of losing her motivation and giving up her career as an artist, decided to add the word “saiaku” to her real name and created her own brand, “SaiakuNana”.


Pink Riot  

30 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6JT

Watch mini video tour here

SaiakuNana Gallery London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 It’s impossible to miss Nana’s gallery on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. The pink façade shouts rebelliously among the traditional buildings on the street.

The gallery is a glorious vibrant pink mess with spray cans, canvases, and paintings everywhere. The floor and the walls are splattered with paint, “Rebel Art” and “Rock n’ Roll Forever” are scribbled on the walls.

Lots of paintings are displayed, smaller and bigger, some painted on heart-shaped or round-shaped canvases others on scraps of papers.

There’s so much to explore here! It’s worth to get closer to the paintings and dive into the details because every detail has a meaning, and you can often spot old photographs of the artist embedded in her artworks.


“Life is art, people, rock and roll, and a gamble.”

SaiakuNana Merch and Music

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 SaiakuNana has never belonged to a gallery, nor she’s been invited to join one. Instead, she set up her own gallery in London in 2021 that is completely funded and owned by herself.

Nana’s work is not limited to painting. She is actively involving herself into a wide range of contemporary art scenes, including music. She is proud to have had several collaborations with bands and musicians. In her gallery you can listen to and buy her vinyl albums, decorated with her own original designs.

SaiakuNana is a true art rebel whose goal is to destroy and transform contemporary art into something that is not described by money or criticism. Her point of view is art should be felt with heart, not with head.

“I will only draw what I want to draw and live my life. I don’t want to be at the mercy of anyone.

I’m going to destroy f**kin contemporary art that’s covered in f**kin numbers and start again today.

The value of art is not determined by money, honour, or criticism.

Hey, whoever’s watching this right now. Feel it with your heart, not with your head, not with the internet.” – SaiakuNana



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