Clash of the Foods: Meat vs Plants – Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome to the rabbit hole! London’s new fast-food restaurant, Wonderland, takes you on a culinary journey with finger-licking dishes inspired by nostalgic cartoons and movies. Think of Alice in Wonderland, The Simpsons, Pulp Fiction or Futurama.



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Meat vs Plants ? – Let the Battle Begin

49 Old Compton St, London W1D 6HL


Wonderland Meat vs Plants

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Wonderland take you on an exciting journey between two different worlds: carnivore and vegan.


The menu is split into two and each burger, chicken wings, burrito bowl and nachos, as well as dessert and milkshake have their vegan substance on the other side of the menu.


In the middle stands the fries that come with the most different month-watering sauces, such as their signature ‘wonder sauce’ which is a satisfying balance of celery and mustard or ‘Aloo Chaat Fries’ that comes with sweet yoghurt, tamarind ketchup, mango chutney, pomegranates, red onion, coriander and crunchy sev.


Whether you’re a big meat eater or a true vegan, you’ll definitely find something to satisfy your cravings.


At Wonderland, they take both meat eaters’ and vegans’ needs seriously. That’s why they have separate work-stations, friers and grills in the kitchen for vegan and meat-based dishes.


One the Red Corner: Meat ?


Wonderland Soho - Meat vs Plants

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Wonderland pride themselves in sourcing the highest quality, sustainable and organic ingredients. That’s why they work with artisanal and award-winning suppliers that provide nothing but organic grass-fed meat.


The chicken is organic, and the beef is Aberdeen Angus beef from British and Irish farmers who don’t use GMOs or antibiotics.


On the Green Corner: Plants ?


Everything on the plant-based menu is free of chemicals, ultra-processed ingredients and all the sauces and gherkins are home-made. Everything on the meat side of the menu has vegan alternative.


Which corner will you choose?


At Wonderland even the packaging is entertaining. Just open your burger box to see the cool cartoon design with a fun quote to keep you entertained while eating.

Plus, all food is served in 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.


The Ambience


Wonderland Soho Meat vs Plants - Upstairs

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Being inspired by classic cartoons and movies, Wonderland brings you the vibes of a comic book. The colour scheme is pink, purple and chrome with a little bit of green.


Upstairs, all the walls and furniture are painted and lit purple or holographic chrome. Giant, vibrant graphic posters (Alice in Wonderland, The Wicked Witch and The Grand Wizard) are lining on the walls blending the concept of the restaurant and the retro pop culture perfectly.


Wonderland Soho Meat vs Plants - Downstairs

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Now let’s head downstairs. A long, green-lit staircase lead us to a cheeky electric pink room.


On the left-hand side, there is a vibrant pink neon sign saying, “Atomic Love” and there are more graphic posters on the wall. Notice the comic-themed custom rug on the floor as you enter.


Wonderland Meat vs Plants Soho London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



There are intimate separated tables here, all lit by pink neon tubes, and each has their own chandelier.


Wonderland brings you a new, never seen before concept by keeping both meat eaters and vegans happy with a special menu giving you the chance to try the plant and meat-based version of the same food while providing a quirky, retro cartoon-inspired atmosphere.


Make sure you visit Wonderland Meat vs Plants in Soho and lose your way “somewhere between worlds”.





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