Free Thought-Provoking Digital Art Exhibition: INTELLIGENT ARTIFACTS 02.02 BETA

Can AI be considered as “real” art? What is the connection/is there a connection between Artificial Intelligence and mental health? Can AI be used as self-therapy?

‘INTELLIGENT ARTIFACTS 02.02 BETA’ by Dutch-American artist, 0010×0010 brings us a thought-provoking immersive digital experience to explore how technology impacts self-expression and the creative process in fashion, makeup and underground culture.



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About the Artist: 0010×0010



Photo: Urban Adventurer


Artist 0010×0010 blends the real and digital worlds to create a completely new experience, where he abandons the known world to embrace the infinite possibilities of the digital realm and creates a new style: ‘Intelligent Artifacts’.

 The artist took his name from binary code, 0010×0010, which means ‘2/2, his birthday’.

He mesmerised sound, motion, and sight, created a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria to leap off the boundaries of reality and reach a dreamlike world to seek wisdom beyond rational thoughts.


Immersive Post-Contemporary Art


Intelligent Artifacts by 0010x0010 at W1 Curates

Photo: Urban Adventurer



INTELLIGENT ARTIFACTS 02.02 BETA is a mix of video sequences of alien-like humans with bold makeup and fashion style blended with immersive sound effects and unexpected glitches.

The artwork is a beta version and the glitches become part of the installation as they appear when pushing the boundaries of technology, adding to the meaning of the artwork.

The installation expresses how information and image overload the human brain and how AI can help processing and understanding all that overstimulating information.


Practical Info


Intelligent Artifacts - W1 Curates

Photo: Urban Adventurer






W1 Curates

161, 167 Oxford St, London W1D 2JP

(In the basement of Flannels luxury fashion store)


Opening Times

14th February – 5th March 2023

Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm

Sun: 12pm-6pm




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