This Secret Bar in Shoreditch is Serving Pokémon-Themed Cocktails – Callooh Callay

Pokémon fans assemble! This eccentric little bar in Shoreditch is famous for their quirky décor, buzzing atmosphere and unique ever changing drinks menu. Callooh Callay is serving a whole range of Pokémon-themed cocktails.



⚡️🍹This secret bar in Shoreditch is serving Pokémon-themed cocktails! | 📍Callooh Callay 65 Rivington St, London EC2A 3QQ #pokémonfans #pokémoninspired #pokemonlondon #pokemonfandom

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Gotta sip ‘em all!


Callooh Callay Shoreditch

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Callooh Callay opened in 2008 in Rivington Street in Shoreditch and since their opening, they have won a massive number of awards, including Top 50 Cocktail Bars 2023, 2022 and 2019 and Best Drinks List 2020.


The bar is famous for their Lewis Carrol-themed interior with a hidden behind-the-wardrobe room as well as their quirky cocktail menu changing every year.


They launched their Poké menu with over 20 different Pokémon-inspired cocktail creations this April.


The menu items look exactly like Pokémon cards, so even just browsing it is very entertaining.


The menu includes a champagne-based Pikachu cocktail with elegant crystal-clear look and electrifying taste.


Bulbasaur is a “matcha made heaven” with rich earthy and sweet flavour.


Pokemon-Themed Cocktail - Exeggutor at Callooh Callay Shoreditch

Exeggutor Cocktail

Photo: Urban Adventurer


We tried the Exeggutor one because it comes with a decoration resembles to a Poké ball. It was made with Saint Benevolence rum, pineapple, and chilly syrup. It had an intense smoky spicy flavour yet wasn’t too strong. It was a really enjoyable one and very photogenic.


Pokemon-Themed Cocktail at Callooh Callay - Snorlax

Snorlax Cocktail

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The next we tried was the Snorlax one because it looked one of the quirkiest one on the menu and had completely different taste. It was a clear sweet cocktail garnished with crème de mure foam and some sugar on top.


Although, it didn’t exactly look like in the picture, it was very delicious and sweet.


Make sure you spin the wheel of fortune when ordering a Pokémon cocktail for a chance to get some discount!


Which Pokémon is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below!




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