New Modern Korean Restaurant Opened in Chinatown – Hankki

Innovative Korean food, glittery cocktails, immersive décor, and K-pop music. Welcome to Hankki, Chinatown’s new modern Korean restaurant.



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Hankki London

7 Wardour St, London W1D 6PE


Hankki London

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Before opening their modern Korean restaurant with crystal bricks, traditional drum décor and mirror ceiling, Hankki had invited their community to come up with creative name ideas for the venue.


The result was announced this March, and the winning name became ‘Hankki’ (한끼) which is a Korean word, meaning ‘one meal’.


Hankki blends modern ideas with traditional Korean flavours to deliver a memorable ‘one meal’ experience. Hankki pushes away boundaries and invites their customers for a culinary journey to experience South Korean flavours with a twist.


Weather you try their ‘Korean Army Stew’, their signature ‘Black Pink’ charcoal fried chicken or one of their handcrafted ‘Soju’ (Korea’s national drink), Hankki’s innovative modern Korean flavours will never leave you disappointed.


The Atmosphere


Modern Korean Restaurant - Hankki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Upon your arrival you’ll be immediately captivated by the modern Korean nightclub-inspired décor with illuminating crystal bricks, neon signs and mirror ceiling, transporting you straight in the heart of Seoul.


Hankki London Modern Korean Restaurant

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Spot the elegant décor at the staircase made out of traditional Korean ‘buk’ (drums) and the elegant modern crystal glass walls.

The best K-pop songs are played, adding to the modern Korean experience.




Hankki London Food

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Hankki have an amazing selection of modern Korean food, including some more traditional, such as ‘Kimchi Tofu Soup with Rice’ and very innovative and Insta-worthy, such ‘Black Pink’ charcoal fried chicken with dragon fruit sauce.


If you’re not sure how the dishes look like or what size they are, just check them on Hankki’s online food gallery.


Here’s what we ordered:


Golden Budae Jjigae with Chicken


It’s a huge portion of rich Korean stew. It comes with chicken slices (you can choose beef or pork instead of chicken), soybean, Shin Ramyun Noodles, cabbage, Kimchi, pink mushroom, oyster mushrooms and courgette slices.

They cook it right in front of you and once it’s ready, you serve it for yourself.

It’s moderately spicy. Perfect in the chilly weather of Winter.


BBQ Stone Grill Spicy Pork


Grilled by one of the team to perfection in front of you and served on lettuce bed with Kimchi and spicy sauce.

The thin perfectly seasoned meat slices melt in your mouth. Matches very well with the spicy sauce and the Kimchi.


Black Pink Fried Chicken


Black Pink Charcoal Fried Chicken at Hankki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Black Pink Fried Chicken’ is one of Hankki’s signature dishes. This show-stopping culinary masterpiece is a combination of succulence of charcoal fried chicken with an exotic twist: pink dragon fruit sauce.

Make sure you have your camera ready because you don’t want to miss the super TikTok-able moment of pouring the vibrant pink sauce on your charcoal fried chicken pieces.




Soju at Hankki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Hankki glittery ’Soju’ drinks are a must-try if you really want to crown your modern Korean experience.


‘Soju’ is Korea’s national drink, originally made from rice, however, it changed over time. Today ‘Soju’ is made of grains and starches, such as tapioca, barley, or sweet potato.


What we see in the market today is the so called ‘green-bottle Soju’, however, Hankki has taken a step further and offer ‘Soju’ in four different flavours with different alcohol contents, served in the most modern way.


All types of ‘Soju’ are served in an elegant, branded bottle with colourful edible glitter.


Pink Bag Mocktail at Hankki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Beautifully crafted house cocktails and mocktails are also available at Hankki, alongside with wine, sparkling wine, Prosecco, beer, and soft drinks.


We tried the ‘Pink Bag’ mocktail which was served in the most eye-catchy glass! The mocktail was a flavourful blend of homemade Calpis, fresh strawberry, and Aloe Vera juice.




Yuzu Cheesecake at Hankki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Hankki serves the most adorable puppy shaped Yuzu Cheesecake. The cake is served with a cute panna cotta bone on cookie crumble bed.


Dalgona Coffee Puff at Hankki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


We also ordered the ‘Dalgona Coffee Puff’. Three large coffee choux buns served with Korean-style whipped coffee.



If you’re a Korean food enthusiast, love trying innovative dishes and delicious cocktails or on the hunt for your next Insta gem, Hankki is a place you don’t want to miss!






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