Korean Photo Booth in London – Life4Cuts

The famous Korean selfie photo booth chain, Life4Cuts, arrived in London the beginning of this year and only six months later they are about to open their third shop in the city.



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Following the Viral Korean Trend


Life4Cuts - Korean Photo Booth Experience in London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



South Korea is obsessed with the new trend of taking four-cut photos that are meant to tell a mini story in a creative way. Couples and even K-pop idols jumping on this trend and now you can create your own mini story with your friends or significant other here in London at three different locations (Soho, Leicester Square and Shoreditch).


Life4Cuts – How It Works


Life4Cuts London - Korean Photo Booth

Photo: Urban Adventurer


So, how does it work?

The best part is, you don’t have to book a session, simply walk in, and enjoy your time.

Upon your arrival, you are greeted by a host who will guide you through the process and show you how to use the photobooth (it’s very simple).


Accessories at Life4Cuts London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You’ll find tons of fun accessories on the shelves from funny glasses, to hats to headbands you can use for completely free.


Make Sure You Have Some Poses in Mind


Inspiration Board at Life4Cuts London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Make sure you have the poses you want to use in mind because once you’re in the photo booth, you’ll have 10sec to pose for each photo. You can get tons of inspiration from the photo board displayed on the walls and the windows.

Now, wait for a booth to become free and when you’re in, simply follow the steps on the touchscreen, make a payment, and select the type and the colour of your photos.

Now all set up, let’s start the fun part. You’ll going to get four photos, but you only have 10sec to change accessories and pose for each. Don’t be shy, be creative!


Four-Cut Photos at Life4Cuts - Korean Photo Booth Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Once you’ve finished, choose your frame, and get your photos printed.

Since these photo booths are usually used by couples or friends, you’ll get two strips of photos, so both you and your partner will get one. In this way, you don’t have to do the whole process again.

If you go solo, don’t worry, it’s super fun even if you do it by yourself.





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