Instagrammable Bathrooms in London

Whenever I am visiting a cool oh-so-Instagrammbale place, I never miss checking their bathroom and not just for that sweet bladder relief. These weird and wonderful toilets are just as Insta-worthy as the bar or restaurant they’re in. Say hel-loo to some of the most Instagrammable lavatories in London.


Mr Fogg’s

Mr Fogg's

Photo: Urban Adventurer


If you have ever visited any of Mr Fogg’s bars, you know how insane their decoration is. The bars are inspired by the famous novel ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ by Jules Verne. You feel like you were actually on an adventure with Phileas Fogg exploring the most diverse places on air, ground and water.

In their bathrooms, instead of music, you will listen to the audio book ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.


 Mr Fogg’s House Botanicals

Mr Fogg's House of Batanicals Flowery Restroom

Photo: Urban Adventurer


House of Botanicals showcases an extensive collection of rare plants and flowers. The same pattern is used in their toilet.

The long corridor’s wall – that leads us towards the lavatory – are decorated with dreamy flowery wallpaper and framed pictures of plants and flowers.

Mr Fogg's House of Botanicals Wash Room

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The toilet cabinets are decorated likewise, dominated by colours of green and pink. The place is lit by simple elegant wall lamps to offset the vivid flowery wallpaper.

The paper towels in an elegant woven basket to match the nature inspire design.


Mrs Fogg’s Dockside & Distillery

Mrs Fogg's Dockside and Distillery Toilet

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Dockside & Distillery has probably the most beautiful toilet. The walls are literally covered with fossils, butterflies feathers and more. It feels like you were on an explorer ship on your way to explore the next marvel.

Mr Fogg’s Residence


Mr Fogg's Residence's Instagrammable Bathroom
Photo: Urban Adventurer


Mr Fogg’s Residence is the home of the famous adventurer, Phileas Fogg. The bar is decorated with rare artifacts and antiques, Mr Fogg collected during his journeys. This exotic collection provides a perfect backdrop for your Instagram shots.

Their restroom is just as cozy and extravagant as the bar area is. Decorated with loud colourful wallpaper, a gramophone, and a globe.


Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration

Mr Fogg's Society of Exploration Lavatory

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Society of Exploration is a sanctuary of like-minded individuals who are full of adventurous ambitions and curiosity. Whether you sit in the Map Room or in the life-sized Victorian steam railway carriage, you will feel like you were embarking for the most exciting journey in your life.

In the rest room visitors feel like they were in an African safari. The wallpaper evokes a lively African landscape with elephants, lions, camels, and rare birds.


Mr Fogg’s Tavern

Mr Fogg's Tavern Restroom

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Mr Fogg’s Tavern is a traditional Victorian tavern with wooden seats and robust wooden tables, offering wide selection of beer and home-made punch. The walls and the ceiling are richly decorated with eccentric memorabilia to satisfy art-lovers’ visual thirst.

The laundry is blue and white with tubby barrel-like sinks and old photos and newspaper cut-outs.



Pink Powder Room at BUSI Cafe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


When you are at BUSI café, don’t forget to visit their cheeky pink powder room for a selfie. It’s just as pink and  Instagrammable as the customer area is.



Instagrammable Bathroom at Cahoots London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


A disused underground station has been transformed into a 1940s-themed speakeasy bar. This hidden gem perfectly evokes the Prohibited Era when alcohol was banned and people visited secret bars.

Air raid warnings and newspaper cut-outs on the wall, tipples served in tins, teacups and anything else at hand.

If your bladder is shouting for relief after your bootlegging cocktails, you’ll have to find your way among the mismatched upholstered furniture, travel tanks and shady lamps to reach the lavatory.

The walls and the ceiling are covered with old newspapers, naked lamps give faint light above the vintage wooden cabinets that hold the sinks, soap and paper towels for Scoundrels to use.


Sketch London

Sketch London Instagrammable Egg Pods

Image Source: @sketchlondon.mayfair

Welcome to the Egg Loos at Sketch. This bathroom has become so famous that they say, if you don’t have a selfie here, you didn’t even really go to Sketch. I can’t decide which is more Instagrammable, the restaurant itself or its restroom.



Cheeky Instagrammable Powder Room at DUO London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


These pink doors will make you wink at the powder room of DUO London. Don’t miss a selfie in front of these cheeky doors before powdering your nose.


Hard Rock Café, Piccadilly


Wee Like a Star - Hard Rock Cafe ToiletPhoto: Urban Adventurer


Wee like a star in this stylish red lavatory at Hard Rock Café. Admire the signed photos and music memorabilia while marching your way to salute Crapper.


The Ten Bells

Hunted Toilet at The Ten Bells

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The Ten Bells’ toilet is not about its look. It’s more about the story behind the place.

In case you didn’t know, The Ten Bells is one of the most hunted pubs in London because it’s in connection with the cold-blooded serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

The Ripper is believed to have chosen their drunken victims here and killed them later close to the pub. The victims’ ghosts wearing Victorian clothing often have been seen appearing and disappearing within the walls of the building.

To make it even more eerie, their toilet is in the basement.


The Alchemist

Instagrammable Toilet Wall at The Alchemist

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Here at The Alchemist, they are masters of dark arts of molecular mixology, and they are demons in the kitchen.

Their cocktails and food are just insane. They often serve their food with syringes, so you can inject the melted cheese or the sauce into your food. Some of their cocktails are served in two glasses and when you mix the two, there is a cool chemical reaction.

Their lavatory is likewise demonic. Just look at this artwork on the corridor leading to the restroom.


Theatre Café

Dressing Room Toilet at Theatre Cafe

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You’ll definitely want to have a seat in Theatre Café’s restroom that looks like a dressing room in a Wes End theatre. Powder your nose in front of a mirror with lights bulbs and admire the framed and signed theatre posters around you while sitting on the throne.


TSQ Playhouse

Instagrammable Toilet Doors at TSQ Playhouse

Photo: Urban Adventurer


TSQ Playhouse is an Alice in Wonderland themed adult playground. It’s an insane fantasy world with eccentric theatrical decorations and fantasy themed cocktails.

This place will never let your experience interrupted, not even in the toilet.


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