Avora: A New-World Cocktail Experience

Embark on a new-world theatrical journey to explore another planet while sipping on three delicious cocktails. The same brilliant crew behind London’s best immersive theatrical cocktail experiences: ‘Moonshine Saloon’ and ‘Alcotraz, promise a stellar night-out with Avora: A New-World Cocktail Experience.


We were invited to step through the secret gateway to the newly discovered planet, Avora to explore and save this bioluminescent paradise.



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♬ Becoming one of “The People” Becoming one with Neytiri – James Horner


Roscorp Laboratories


Roscorp Laboratories at Avora Cocktail Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The venue is just a few minutes walk for Hoxton station, and the storyline starts right as you step into Avora’s London venue, ‘Roscorp Laboratories’.


Jumpsuits at Avora- A New-World Cocktail Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


After leaving our jackets and bags in a locker, we are guided to the ‘lab’ downstairs to receive our special Avora spacesuits. There are only a limited number of people in a session to make the experience as immersive and enjoyable as possible.


In the lab, we meet the actors: a scientist, a crazy Roscorp army soldier and Jeff, the CEO of Roscorp Laboratories (he welcomes us on the screen).


Cocktails At Avora Cocktail Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer



After donning our Avora jumpsuit, we receive our first cocktail.


The elixirs come in lab test tubes, and we mix the two ingredients for ourselves. According to the storyline, the elixirs contain a very special ingredient, called ‘luminol’ discovered on Avora. ‘Luminol’ helps us humans to acclimatise before we step through the gateway to the mysterious planet.


As we mix the two elixirs, they create mist and bubbles to make it super TikTokable.


Now, time to enter the mysterious gateway and meet the Avorians…


A New World – Avora


New-World Cocktail Experience - Avora

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The gateway teleports us straight to Avora. It’s daytime and we find ourselves in a beautiful mystical woodland with exotic and unique flora.

An Avorian escorts us through the woodland and shows us a lovely ritual they always do on Avora to express friendship.


Avora- A New-World Cocktail Experience London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Here we have plenty of time to sip our next cocktail, make new friends and interact with Avorians and even teach them something from planet Earth.


As day turns to night, the lush magical world lights up in the dark, transforming the landscape into an enchanting bioluminescent forest.


After taking photos and videos, it’s time for our last destination…


An Other-Worldly Experience


Avora Immersive Theatrical Cocktail Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


An Avorian guides us to the final destination of our experience. While crossing a bridge, they show us a trick on how to interact with the Avorian environment and what we see is truly magical.


Arriving to the final room, we see bioluminescent trees cascading from the above in blue and purple light, while illuminating rocks surround us all over.


We are guided to a mystical cave where we receive our last cocktail that contains a special ingredient to make it luminous. But beware! That ingredient has a secret! And Avora’s future will depends on that secret…


Now, Avorians need your help to protect their planet. Are you ready to save Avora from human destruction?


Back to Planet Earth


Roscorp Lab at Avora Cocktail Experience

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Now that we have successfully saved Avora, we found ourselves on planet Earth, in Roscorp Laboratories again.


Avora cocktail experience is an immersive theatrical experience like no other. The 1hour 45min experience is an absolute must-do in London if you want to gain memories to treasure with your loved ones or friends.


A Tree is Planted for Every Ticket Sold


Avora Immersive Cocktail Experience London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



As part of their sustainability commitment, Avora team have partnered with Ecologi, a UK environmental organisation, and plant a tree for every ticket sold to help saving our planet and all its inhabitants from climate change and the exploitation of the natural world.







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