Get an Intimate Glimpse into Sculptural Process – Georg Baselitz: Sculptures 2011-2015 at Serpentine South Gallery

Come with me to the press preview of pioneering German artist, Georg Baselitz’s solo exhibition and take an intimate glimpse into his sculptural process. Welcome to ‘Georg Baselitz: Sculptures 2011-2015’.



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Georg Baselitz: Sculptures 2011-2015


“Sculptors have a way of producing drawings that aim at comprehending space. I don’t draw like an artist or painter. Instead, I draw more like and architect – always in a very matter-of-fact manner. That’s why I’ve never really regarded the drawings I’ve selected for the exhibition as drawings.” – Georg Baselitz


Georg Baselitz- Sculptures 2011-2015

Photos: Urban Adventurer


With a career spanning over six decades, German artist, Georg Baselitz (born 1938, Saxony, Germany) has brought new perspectives to the tradition of German Expressionism.


Serpentine South Gallery brings you an exciting journey for bronze sculpture preparation from sketch to maquette to the completed artwork.


Towering wood sculptures carved from single tree trunks and a selection of 68 related loose drawings in pen, pencil and ink were taken directly from his studio, Georg Baselitz gives us an exclusive insight into his art process.


Georg Baselitz- Sculptures 2011-2015 - Serpentine South Gallery

Photo: Urban Adventurer


These raw carved sculptures that are on display at Serpentine South Gallery were not originally intended for public view. Instead, they were used as maquettes or models for the bronze sculptures.


Many of the wooden sculptures are more than five metres high giants and were carved with power axes, saws, and chisels.


Towering Wooden Sculptures at Serpentine South Gallery - Georg Baselitz- Sculptures 2011-2015

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The related sketches and drawings were surprisingly not preparatory sketches for the wooden sculptures. Instead, they were drawn during the sculpting process to help the artist see the same idea in different perspectives and viewpoints.


Zero Dom - Georg Baselitz- Sculptures 2011-2015

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Don’t miss the opportunity to see both the sketch and the wooden maquette within the gallery and the final artwork of the monumental, 9-metre tall Zero Dom (Zero Dome) being exhibited outside, right next to the gallery.


Georg Baselitz: Sculptures 2011-2015 is a remarkable exhibition highlighting the links between two- and three-dimensional processes and giving visitors a rare opportunity to witness the sculptural process resulting to breath-taking monumental bronze artworks.


Practical Info


Georg Baselitz- Sculptures 2011-2015 - Sketches

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Serpentine South Gallery | Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA


Opening Times

5 October 2023 – 7 January 2024

The exhibition is FREE to visit | NO booking required




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