London’s Cheekiest Café: Fuckoffee

Brilliantly offensive décor, good coffee, and hipster atmosphere. This is London’s cheekiest coffee shop: Fuckoffee. Some people may find the name a bit insulting or offensive, but hey! If it offends, don’t go.



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The Atmosphere


Fuckoffee is One of London's Cheekiest Cafes

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Well, not going to lie, the name drew me in. I’ve been on the hunt for London’s cheekiest places to go to for my upcoming blog post and Fuckoffee just appeared on my social feed, so I decided to check it out.

Fuckoffee have two different locations in London: Bethnal Green and Bermondsey.

I visited the one in Bermondsey. It’s a 10-min walk from London Bridge station.


Fuckoffee Bermondsey

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The café is unmissable. The décor is random and cheeky, yet the whole place has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Probably because of the large cosy couches and the warm lights of the floor lamps.


Fuckoffee Bermondsey London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The walls are covered with random posters and polaroid photos on one side, scribbles, neon signs and a large mirror on the other. Keep your eyes peeled for the quirky dirty details 🙂

Perfect place for a cup of coffee before or after work, and there are plenty of sockets if you decide you want to bring your laptop and work from here.


Food & Drink


Iced Latte - Fuckoffee London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Fuckoffee have plenty of hot and cold drinks available from coffee (iced coffee too) to frappes to smoothies and tea. They have vegan milk alternatives too.

The counter and the fridge are loaded with the most different sandwiches, croissants, salads, wraps, pasties, and cakes to grab and go.


Free Dog Biscuits at Fuckoffee Bermondsey

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The café is so dog friendly that there is a jar of free dog biscuits to treat your furry friend!


Loyalty Card at Fuckoffee

Loyalty card at Fuckoffee

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Their loyalty card is just hilarious! 😀




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