A Playful Immersive Experience at The Design Museum – ‘Email is Dead’

Popular email and marketing automation platform, Intuit Mailchimp teamed up with The Design Museum to bring you for an exciting interactive journey to learn more about the history of email.



Playful immersive experience at @the Design Museum ‘Email is Dead’ | Free, no booking required | Until 22 October 2023 #designmuseumlondon #mailchimp #mailchimpxdesignmuseum #emailisdead

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Email is Dead


The Design Museum London x Intuit Mailchimp - Email is Dead Exhibition

Photo: Urban Adventurer


“You’ve got mail!” Step inside a giant yellow envelope and learn about the history of email from the first ever sent email in 1971 and how it evolved over the decades and how it might look like in 2070.


Maybe email is not the most exciting thing on the planet to create an exhibition around, but Intuit Mailchimp’s in-house creative team and specialist experimental designer, Something Special Studios (SSS) really did an amazing work!


Visitors are led through different rooms, where they can learn more about the history of email, take email personality test or bury their own email time capsule.


The best part of the exhibition, however, (and I think most of us agree) is the 360-degree cloud room. Here you can rest on white soft-like-cloud pillows, shaped like “@”, arrow button or clouds and play with giant yellow paper planes while taking amazing selfies.


The Cloud Room at Email is Dead Exhibition at The Design Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Visitors will hear familiar synthesised sounds, like woosh, ding and typing and clicking sounds throughout their exhibition journey and will smell the scent of email. ‘Eau de Email’ is an aromatic botanical infused fragrance that helps relax and balance nervous system.


Email is Dead Exhibition at The Design Museum London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Email as a form of communication has over and over again been predicted to die through the decades, however, the truth is, email is still the primary communication tool for most of us and 87% of marketing leaders say that email plays a crucial role of their business success.


Email is Dead is a playful yet informative exhibition about one of today’s most important communication styles and gives us a glimpse into ways we might be using it in the future.


Here are some mind-blowing facts about email


  • In 2000 an 11-year-old schoolgirl from the UK was accidentally included on a top-secret email list from the Pentagon. She received those emails for 4 years!
  • In 2002 BlackBerry became the first mobile phone with email capabilities.
  • Gmail was launched on 1st April 2004, and everyone thought it was and April Fool’s joke.
  • In 2015 the number of emails opened on mobile surpassed those, opened on desktop.


 Practical Info


Email is Dead - The Design Museum

Photo: Urban Adventurer



The Design Museum | 224-238 Kensington High St, London W8 6AG

Opening Times

28 September – 22 October 2023

Mon – Thu: 10am – 5pm

Fri – Sun: 10am – 6pm



FREE to visit | NO booking required





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