The Best Egyptian Falafel Bar in London

Did you know that the world’s best falafel recipes came from Egypt? What do you think; is it true? Come with me to Berwick Market to an award-winning Egyptian falafel bar to find out.



The best Egyptian falafel in London! ???? Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar is a must-try spot if you’re a falafel lover ???? @Pita Bar Their award-winning falafel, their is made with fava beans, not chick peas. And the result? The most flavourful falafel you can find in town! Located in Berwick Street Market, Soho, Wowshee offers pita and mezza box filled with a mix of exotic crunchy vegetable, Egyptian falafel, halloumi, hummus and choice of sauce Huge portions, filling and healthy, all under £10! ????What I ordered: Wowhshee Mezza Box – large (£7.95) ???? Berwick St, London W1F 8ST *invite* #wowshee #londoneats #falafel #veganfoodlondon #veganlondon #egyptianfood #wheretoeatlondon #veganlondon #CapCut

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Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar


Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar in London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Tucked away in Berwick Street there is a stall, famously selling the ‘Best falafel in London’. The constant queue suggests it might be right, so I joined the queue to find it out.


Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar Berwick Market London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


They’re selling pita and Mezza Box and the portions are huge!


I ordered the Scotch Egg Falafel Mezza Box which was overfilled with mouth-watering falafel Scotch eggs, a mix of vegetables, including yummy fried aubergine, fried halloumi, hummus, pickles and four different sauces: garlic dill mayo, classic tahini, beetroot tahini and Alexandrian chilli.


As they were cutting the egg-filled falafel in half in front of me, I knew it would taste just as good as it looked, and I wasn’t disappointed.


The Secret of Egyptian Falafel


Falafel Scotch Eggs at Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar Berwick Street London

Photo: Urban Adventurer



Egyptian falafel tastes so different than those I’ve tried so far. But what’s its secret?


Well, Egyptian falafel is made with fava beans instead of chickpeas. Fava beans make the falafel lighter and moister than those made with chickpeas.


Wowshee take a step further and fill their falafel with runny Scotch egg before frying them to make them crispy on the outside and soft inside.


Wowshee’s reputation as the ‘Best falafel in London’ is definitely well-deserved, as they won the International Falafel Award in 2019.


Next time when you’re around Berwick Street, make sure you visit Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar and grab a pita or a Mezza Box for lunch. And the best part is, everything on the menu is under £10!







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