The Most Unique Bubble Teas in London – Xing Fu Tang

Have you ever had a bubble tea with a cute edible rabbit panna cotta on top? How about a brown sugar boba milk tea with edible gold foil crowned with a blooming rose?

Xing Fu Tang serves not just the cutest, but the most unique bubble teas in London.

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Ancestral Tradition

Xing Fu Tang Bubble Tea London

Soda and Handmade Jelly – Photo: Urban Adventurer


Xing Fu Tang is a Taiwanese bubble tea shop, and its name means ‘pure happiness in store’.

They are specialised in brown sugar milk tea with a twist. Based on the founder’s grandmother’s original recipe, Xing Fu Tang use a unique process in tapioca pearl making.

Instead of boiling tapioca in water and using processed syrup and refined sugar, they are stir-frying boba slowly with melted brown sugar. This gives the tapioca a thick brown sugar coat and provides a unique smoky flavour and a perfectly chewy texture.

This method of tapioca making is so unique that it is actually patented by Xing Fu Tang in 2018.

They do the whole process in an open kitchen in a huge golden wok, so everyone visiting the shop can see what’s going into their cup.


Happiness in a Cup

Xing Fu Tang offers four different unique types of bubble teas.


Q Cup Series

Mango Smoothine with Rabbit Panna Cotta

Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panda Cotta – Photo: Urban Adventurer


This series contains fruity flavours and brown sugar milk teas served with colourful tapioca or homemade jelly. All come in stylish curvy cups.

Landscape Boba Tea with Herbal Jelly

Brown Sugar Landscape Boba and Herbal Jelly – Image Source:@xingfutangtaiwan 


Q cup series contains their famous Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta and the black and white Brown Sugar Boba with Herbal Jelly that is served to look like a magnificent landscape painting.


Gold Leaf Series

Gold Foil Brown Sugar Boba Milk - Xing Fu Tang

Gold Foil Brown Sugar Boba Milk – Photo: Urban Adventurer


Gold Leaf Series contains two types of brown sugar milk teas. Both of them are topped with edible gold foil. To crown this luxury treat, you can add a piece of edible red rose on top.

If you are in a romantic mood, why not try the lychee juice with gold leaf and special pink heart-shaped tapioca pearls, served in a heart-shaped cup?


Diamond Series

Diamond Series

Taro Milk Boba Tea Served in Diamond Shaped Cup – Image Source: Xing Fu Tang


Diamond Series contains all-time favourites, such as Taro milk, chocolate milk or red bean milk, served in a beautiful diamond-shaped cup.


Goddess Series

Goddess Series

Damascus Rose Tea with Lemon – Image Source: @xingfutangtaiwan 


Goddess Series is all about fresh light flavours, such as Rose petal tea or Taiwanese honeycomb, served with fresh fruit slices.


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