You’ve Seen It, Now You Can Taste It – The New Menu at Uzumaki London

The UK’s first anime-themed restaurant, Uzumaki London has recently changed their menu and there are more anime classics to try than ever.


Bringing Anime Food to Life


Uzumaki London Anime-Themed Restaurant

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Founders made Uzumaki London with the aim of bringing anime food to life. They wanted to create a place where anime and manga fans can meet and enjoy exactly the same food their favourite anime characters love so much.

Dragos, the Chef Hokage at Uzumaki London deep dived into anime food and learnt everything about the most popular anime classics in order to be able to recreate them to look and taste exactly as in the anime series.

Screenshot Media recently published an article about why anime food look so tasty?

In the article Andu Ava, Uzumaki London’s CEO & co-founder gives an insider interview, and here’s what he says: “By showcasing detailed animations and close-up shots of the food, viewers can imagine themselves actually eating and enjoying it. This creates a strong connection between the viewer and the anime, making the experience more enjoyable and memorable.”


More Anime Classics


Uzumaki London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Anime fans and cosplayers! Don’t walk, run to Uzumaki London. The UK’s first and only anime-themed restaurant has just changed their entire menu to bring more anime classics on the table.

Think of Luffy’s favourite meat on the bone from One Piece, Toge Inumaki’s famous salmon onigiri from Jujutsu Kaisen or Might Guy’s curry of life from Naruto.

The restaurant’s signature Naruto and Uzumaki ramen bowls remained on the menu as well as their famous ‘9 Tailed Beasts’ bubble tea series. That’s inspired by the nine Bijuu from the Naruto series.

Some of us may miss the build-your-own ramen option but instead of that, now there are 10 different ramen bowls to choose from, including Halal and vegan options.


The Must-Try Dishes from the Menu



Luffy Meat on the Bone (Halal)


Luffy Meat on the Bone at Uzumaki London

‘Luffy Meat on the Bone’

Photo: Urban Adventurer


Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist of One Piece is a huge fan of meat. His ultimate favourite is meat on the bone, and he can eat tremendous amount of it. ‘Luffy Meat on the Bone’ is basically a huge chicken thigh on the bone spiced with a special mix of herbs and roasted to perfection. You can have it on its own or with rice.


Might Guy Curry of Life (Vegan)


Might Guy Curry of Life at Uzumaki London

‘Might Guy Curry of Life’

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Taste the power of youth and refill your chakra with Might Guy’s favourite curry of life. It’s a mix of vegetables in curry sauce, served with rice. Don’t worry, it’s not as spicy as it is in Naruto.


Sanji Soba Salad (Vegan)


Sanji Soba Salad at Uzumaki London

‘Sanji Soba Salad’

Photo: Urban Adventurer


‘Sanji Soba Salad’ is inspired by our favourite chef from One Piece. Sanji Vinsmoke alias O-Soba-Mask always makes sure that all crew members go to the battlefield with tummy full.

‘Sanji Soba Salad’ is a light yet filling mix of soba noodles, vegetables, nori, and sesame sauce.


Bankai! Beef Ramen (Halal)


Bankai! Beef Ramen at Uzumaki London

‘Bankai! Beef Ramen’

Photo: Urban Adventurer


To use the strongest Shinigami technique, you need all your energy. ‘Bankai! Beef Ramen’ provides everything your body and soul need to be the star on the battlefield. It contains beef & chicken broth, glazed beef short rib, marinated egg, and lots of vegetables.



Naruto Ramen and Uzumaki Ramen (Halal & vegan versions available)


Naruto Ramen at Uzumaki London

‘Naruto Ramen’

Photo: Urban Adventurer


“I’m Naruto Uzumaki! What I like is ramen, especially the kind at the Ichiraku Ramen shop. What I dislike is the three minutes wait after you pour in the boiling water. My hobbies are eating ramen. And my dream is to…be the next Hokage.” – Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Ramen and Uzumaki Ramen are definitely something you want to try from the menu. They are the signature ramen bowls of Uzumaki London prepared and served exactly as Naruto likes it.

The ramen bowls come with Tonkotsu Miso, Chashu pork, marinated egg, Naruto maki, and a mix of vegetables. Exactly as Naruto likes it!

The difference between the two ramen is that Naruto ramen is basically DOUBLE portion while Uzumaki ramen is smaller portion.


Check out the full menu here.





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