American Style Diner from the 1950s – Big Moe’s Diner

Slurp a milkshake in a flame-red Chevrolet while listening to the greatest hits from the 1950s. Big Moe’s Diner is really a time machine to bring you back straight to the golden age of the 1950s’ America.


Hipster Vibes

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Big Moe's Diner

Photo: Urban Adventurer


You can feel the 1950s vibes even before stepping in. The façade looks exactly like in those movies of the ‘Golden’ 50s.


The dominant colours of the interior are red and white. The walls are covered with retro posters and ads announcing that ice cold Coca Cola and hot and fresh hot dog sold here, right at the entrance there is an old-style music player and a ‘Welcome to the 50s’ neon sign greets the customers.


 Dine in a Chevrolet

American Style Diner from the 1950s - Big Moe’s Diner London

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 In the middle, a life-sized flame-red Chevrolet invites you for an imaginary ride to the setting Sun.


The 1950s is called the ‘Golden Age of Capitalism’ because it was a period of economic growth, modernisation, and high wages. Diners have come to symbolise prosperity and optimism. Diners were extremely popular among the young. They often met with friends in a diner because it offered cheap food in big portions.

When the diner was full, customers were often served in their cars.


All the American Classics

Dining in a Chevrolet - Big Moe's Diner

Photo: Urban Adventurer


 Big Moe’s Diner offers all the favourites of the 1950s. Hamburgers, fries topped with sticky cheese sauce, milk shakes, soda floats and more.

We ordered the falafel hamburger with plain fries, a big slice of beef steak with a portion of sweet potato and a portion of classic potato and mushroom sauce.

To drink, we ordered Kinder Bueno milkshake and cream soda floats.

The portions were average. Not too small, not too big, just the right size. The falafel burger was very tasty, and the steak was thick and juicy, and it went perfectly with the mushroom sauce.


Cheers - Big Moe's Diner

Photo: Urban Adventurer


The milkshake and the cream soda float were five-star. The milkshakes were topped with real whipped cream. It was thick and creamy and took its thickness and shape for a long time, unlike canned whipped cream that tends to collapse after a minute.


Friendly Staff

 The staff was smiley and friendly. They took care of us like kings and queens. Upon our leaving they even offered us lollipop.


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